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hades best weapon aspects

You’ll start in chamber 15 and encounter the region boss in chamber 24. The fire rate of this weapon is incomparable to other weapons and makes it a must-have if you are using a Ranged AoE build in Hades. Alecto will actually be easier to defeat than Meg, mainly because her attack patterns are more predictable. Fourth Railgun. You can still dodge them since they have a pretty clear path—just use whatever Dash Boon you have from the gods. For more Hades guides, please visit our hub page. Hades is quickly growing in popularity as the game continues to be developed in early access, and one of the reasons players keep coming back is the weapons system.. Each weapon requires a … Spear of Hades can also deal with targets that are far away using the Extending Jab upgrade that increases the damage by 40% for all distant enemies. Chiron Bow. The two best upgrades for Aspect of Arthur are Super Nova, which increases your damage by 20%, and Greater Consecration, which increases your aura by 45%. The rapid-fire weapon can help you deal consistent damage from a safe distance so that the hydra heads can’t get you. For Melee DPS build, the Stygian Blade is a very good choice. They’re linear, so you can avoid them with a quick Dash (the Greater Reflex upgrade from the Mirror of Night can be really useful here). Thanks, Eurydice! Hades has six basic weapon types called Infernal Arms. Now, I mentioned in my guide to clearing Tartarus that the spear or the bow is the best choice since they don’t need a lot of Chthonic Keys to unlock. By now, you’ll likely have made enough attempts to make these two other Furies appear, so here’s a quick strategy guide on how to beat them. If you have any personal tips and tricks of your own, feel free to share them with us! Gloves aren't a terribly popular type of weapon in Hades. However, the weapon got nerfed and the pattern for extra shields was changed. Just like Sisyphus in Tartarus, you may stumble upon a room in Asphodel that’s filled with the lovely melody of Eurydice’s voice. Combined with Aspect of Guan Yu is best for dealing AoE damage because of the Serpent Slash charged attack. As for Alecto herself, she leaves herself open to attacks whenever she tries to build up Rage; she kind of just stays in place and practically invites you to land some pretty serious blows. In this Hades Best Weapons guide, we will tell you all about the best weapons for your specific playstyle, be it Ranged Weapons or Melee Weapons. You can keep whatever Dash Boon you have, but you might not be able to use them as much in Asphodel. Again, all of these strategies are based on your playstyle, but my personal preference here is still the Aspect of Talos for the Twin Fists. Anyway, there won’t be any distractions like mobs and stuff that’ll lure your focus away from Tisiphone, so you can really concentrate on dealing damage. The Sniper Shot upgrade is a must in this case, as it increases all your damage output by 200% to all distant targets. With the help of the Massive Spin upgrade the radius increases by another 30%, and the overall damage increases by 125%. And then, when you finally defeat the Lernaean Bone Hydra, you get rewarded with a diamond, which you can offer the House Contractor back in the House of Hades for some interesting construction upgrades. Boons from Artemis are designed to increase critical chance and damage while Zeus boons will grant you chain lightning effects to deal with large groups of enemies. Indie Gaming Content Enemies like the Inferno Bomber can lob grenades at you, while a Wavemaker can cast shockwaves in your direction to knock you back. These are the best weapons in Hades, and if you were looking for the best keepsakes, then check out this guide. Console Gaming Content Chaos Shield prior to the patch was regarded as one of, if not the strongest weapon in the game, but might not be anymore. After a few tries, however, Alecto and Tisiphone will start bugging you as well. The Punishing Sweep special attack may last up to 10 seconds, which deals up to 250 points of damage at maximum charge. For Ranged Aoe build, the Adamant Rail is hands down the best weapon. Dashing away too often may just land you in a tight spot and have you falling into the lava, which can rapidly drain your health. Previously Chaos Shield, need to test changes/other Aspects more. For Ranged DPS, the Heart Seeking bow is a very good choice as it can do large amounts of damage. This is the default weapon of the game, and when fully leveled it, provides a nice boost to your base speed and dash distance. If you know about her tragic backstory, her appearance here can be pretty heartbreaking—but if you’re just here to get through the game, then having her here is a huge relief. This is the only real threat from Alecto, but if you keep moving and time your hits right, she’ll go down eventually. During your first few attempts, only Megaera will show up to stop you in your tracks. She’s also I think the most “furious” of the Furies—she thinks you’re a murderer or something for some reason. For Melee AoE builds, Eternal Spear is the best choice as it has the longest reach of any melee weapon and has a special with a large area of effect. For Aspect of. The aspect nemesis perk increases the critical chance by up to 30% after your special attack. 9 months ago. Congratulations! There are multiple weapons in Hades and each requires a unique playstyle and has the potential to change the pace and difficulty of the game. After clearing Tartarus, the first region in Hades, your next step is to hop on a bony raft and float through molten lava into the fiery pits of Asphodel. Keep wailing on it non-stop and it’ll easily get locked and unable to move until its health drops down to zero. Until you master how to use the Dash in a more controlled manner, you’d best have the Greater Reflex upgrade from the Mirror of Night—this lets you perform a quick second dash right after your first one, so just in case you accidentally dash past a platform and fall into the lava, you can quickly dash a second time and speed right back onto solid ground to safety. Combining Artemis boons with Mirror of Night perks results in critical bonuses and deals even more damage with Doom and Blade Rifts. But the best one is probably Piercing Volley, which increases all damage to armor by 400% and makes your Special attack unblockable. I really like the Chiron Aspect for the Heart Seeking Bow. The Aspect of Eris allows you to deal 60% more damage after you absorb the blast from your special. Igneus Eden or Aspect of Lucifer is the newest railgun in Hades, which has its own unique moveset. These are my favorite Aspects for each weapon: Fourth Sword. The basic attack of the Twin Fists is a combo of fast strikes that does low damage. This tier guide will help you choose the best weapons in Hades for your personal build. By now, you’ll probably have made a few escape attempts enough to earn you a Titan Blood, which is a reward you can get from defeating a Tartarus boss with your chosen weapon the first time. For Tank builds, Aegis is the best weapon, combining the Aspect of Zagreus or the Aspect of Beowulf with it. That is a rather powerful railgun, but it is extremely inflexible and can become a nuisance in close range combat. We hope this guide helps you get the hell (heh) out of that scorching place. She will offer you three choices to help boost your existing Boons, namely, the Ambrosia Delight (which upgrades up to two random Boons to the next Rarity), Pom Porridge (which boosts up to four random Boons to one level higher), and Refreshing Nectar (which ensures that the next three Boons you find will have a higher Rarity). Once you reel an enemy in, it’s pretty much helpless against the lightning-quick jabs from your regular attack. Not long ago Aspect of Chaos was the top-tier weapon in Hades. Dionysus’ boons slow and stun enemies while Aphrodite’s boons inflict Weak, which makes them more susceptible to damage. Hades is a game where you will have to do a fair bit of fighting in order to gain treasure or try to progress in the game’s story. The first one performs Dash-Strike and allows you to switch from one combo to another without interruption. Best … She constantly struggles between prying herself away from her Playstation console and sniffing the comic books lined up in her bookshelf, to the dismay of her husband. This speed build is good for use against bosses. The platform does give you ample space to move around, so a Dash that deals damage (Poseidon’s Tidal Dash can deal damage and knock foes back at the same time) can be handy. While dealing with a large number of opponents, Blade dash allows you to create a damaging blade to deal them damage. If you choose to use the Aspect of Zagreus weapon, combine the Boiling Blood and Internal Soul perks with Artemis’ Deadly Strike, True Shot, and Pressure Points boons to further boost your Critical damage. Combined with the Aspect of Zagreus is best for fast gameplay style. It's most destructive attack is Hallowed Ground, which deals 70 points of damage at once. Additionally, you also get a bonus 50 HP to your life total, which is significant. Asphodel presents an entirely new challenge from Tartarus, mainly because the battlefield is boiling hot. The Aspect of Nemesis perk on the Stygian Blade can rack up huge amounts of damage. This aspect seeks enemies struck by the first hit automatically, which gives you the freedom to focus on other enemies while spamming the attack button and hitting your previous target at the same time. Then, use your Titan Blood to unlock the Aspect of Talos. If that's your thing, then consider Rolling Knuckle and Heavy Knuckle upgrades for your Talos Fists, which are currently the best in the game. This weapon is also called the Holy Excalibur, a unique type of sword that has its own alternate moveset. The special homes in on the last … After clearing either of the three Furies, you’re home free—almost. Talos Gloves. You need to be able to combo successfully each time in order to pull off some serious damage. Combining the Eternal spear with boons from Dionysus, Aphrodite, and Poseidon will really help during fights. The most dangerous thing she does is a lunge attack using her whip that stuns you when you’re hit, rendering you immobile for a few seconds—this can be really deadly if you’re low on health. Now players need to get much closer to the enemy to make sure that it hits right where you want it to connect. You can use this Titan Blood to unlock Weapon Aspects for your Infernal Arms. However, if weapons were not enough variety, each of them has three Aspects and then one hidden aspect, known as Legendary Aspects. 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The sword's aura effect significantly slows down enemy projectiles and automatically disables floor and wall traps that are affected by the aura. So, in this guide, we will break down a few of our choices for the best weapon in Hades while playing as the son of the god of the underworld. Artemis boons also increase the damage and usefulness of Cast attacks that can further increase combo damage from Mirror of Night perks. Sergey has been a freelancer in the video games industry for more than five years, writing for various publications around the world. His favorite games are MtG, Dark Souls, Diablo, and Divinity: Original Sin. Sergey doesn't own consoles because a PC is all he needs. Choose the best weapon aspect and upgrades for your character using this tier list guide to Hades. 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