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konohamaru rasengan pain

Worrying for his remaining brother, Hiruga cancelled his technique and rushed off. Back at the village, Konohamaru estimated he'd need four or five days of rest. As the team surrounded the seemingly defeated foe, Konohamaru noticed a sneak attack from a bunch of Mirror Drones. Konohamaru and his team compete in the Chūnin Exams located in Sunagakure, where he eventually reaches the tournament round of the exams. The protagonist of the series, Naruto Uzumaki was taught how to use the Rasengan by none other than Jiraiya, his master. Jūgo walked away and the genin gave chase. Questioning who in the world his opponent is, Konohamaru noticed a toad on his hip, which explodes in flames that engulfs him. Furthermore, Minato tried to add his nature transformations to the Rasengan as well, knowing it was an incomplete Jutsu. Afterwards, Konohamaru freed the Fourth Tsuchikage, letting her go to save her village. In addition, because they had no approval from the Tsuchikage to enter Iwagakure, Konohamaru was required to remain unseen and hide all ties from Konohagakure, donning his old Anbu outfit before setting out. RELATED: Naruto: The 10 Best Episodes Of The Chunin Exams Arc (According To IMDb), Ranked. Although Himawari isn't focused on in the series as much, she's likely to grow up to become a decent Kunoichi in the coming years. Not knowing who she is, Konohamaru assumes she's Naruto's girlfriend, which Naruto doesn't deny. As he was also looking for Anato's team, and found many of them were dead, it was decided to join efforts. Then out of fucking nowhere Konohamaru comes and oneshots one of the pains. They soon found a cave. Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Konohamaru, with help from Katsuke, was able to destroy Ao's gun. Boruto was furious and attacked the man, only for his kunai to harmlessly bounce off Deepa's body. Still suspicious of the situation, Konohamaru feigned returning to the village while instead disguising himself as the attack to complete the transaction. Naruto's leadership and navigational skills are very lacking and they become lost, forcing Iruka to come find them. Kawaki resisted, showing the ability to manipulate his body structure into weapons. Konohamaru barges into his grandfather, the Third Hokage's, office intent on finally defeating him and thus replacing him as Hokage. You can connect with him on his email: reipenber17@gmail.com. That's because Naruto mastered Sage Mode and won only because Tendou power were inactive most of the time. They decided for Konohamaru to impersonate Kirisaki, joined by Boruto posing as an assistant. Ultimately, the Fabrications were defeated by the combined effort of Konohamaru's students and Ōnoki, who passed away from the effort. This left Konohamaru conflicted, as he indeed came to care very much for Mitsuki as his student. Boruto then attacked from Ao's blindside during the assault with his chakra-blade, but the seasoned enemy saw through the attack, quickly blocking with his prosthetic arm, forcing Boruto to drop his weapon. Later, Konohamaru and Mugino infiltrated the company to continue their investigation. Unable to get back in the field, he tasked Team 15 to go back to Konoha to report and request backup, and Team 7 and Tosaka with monitoring Jūgo and looking out for more of the tranquilliser drug. [9] Years later, he became considerably more mature and appreciative to the task at hand, though his admiration for Naruto can still show: Konohamaru becomes emotional at the prospect that he can mentor Naruto's son, Boruto Uzumaki, in the same way that Naruto mentored him. Minato had to develop the technique himself so it took him much longer to "master" it. You can't get mad at this show for following the formula for a long running shounen. [16][17] Initially requiring a shadow clone to perform the technique, Konohamaru eventually learned to perform it alone with a single hand. On the way back Konohagakura, they found a little girl from Remon's village who despite being close to it, forgot how to get home. Main article: Akatsuki Suppression Mission As an adult, he is fairly tall with a narrower face. Yubina also revealed that other cases like this have shown up, and rumors that the black market was harvesting the late Hokage's cells for sale. Later, after the thieves spread lies and orchestrated a protest against the Kaminarimon Company, Team 7 was tasked with deescalating the crowds. [12] While a genin, Naruto taught Konohamaru the Rasengan. After Kankitsu awoke, horrified at what he did, Remon explained that she could use the same seal Kuen used long ago, but would cost Remon her memories just as it did Kuen. In the anime, Konohamaru is very upset by his grandfather's death, so much so that he's unwilling to play with Naruto. Main article: Byakuya Gang Arc Although the two haven't trained together in a while, they might get to do so again in the future. Konohamaru provides his team with instructions through the earphones during their mission to capture Mujina Bandits. Inside, the found Anato, whose body was altered into a malleable state and mindlessly attacked them. Its not plot armor. He began using chakra blades, like his late uncle, and was capable of fighting Jūgo with it long enough to snap him out of his rampage. I agree though, there's way too much plot armor in Naruto, the show is really predictable, you can usually tell whos gonna win the fight before it even starts. Although he understands Konohamaru's reasons, Neji insists that he shouldn't worry since Naruto will come back when he's ready. Sometime later, Iruka Umino takes Konohamaru's Academy class to the Hokage Rock for a history lesson about the role of Hokage. Before the exchange, Konohamaru managed to find and capture the attacker. While unsure what was inside, he has a dreadful feeling about it. Konohamaru managed to temporarily trap Sōma while Remon and Kankitsu were saved. When the Third Hokage's likeness on the Hokage Rock suddenly cracks, Konohamaru worries about his grandfather. Reluctantly, Konohamaru severed the emerging horns from Remon, completing the seal to permanently defeat Sōma. It was decided that while Mitsuki would stay behind to recover, the rest would go the source in the Land of Silence. [citation needed] At some point, in the anime, Konohamaru became a teacher at the Academy.[28]. In the anime, after Shino's class passed the written portion of the Genin Exams, Konohamaru participated as a proctor in the exam's 24 hour practical portion alongside Shino, Anko Mitarashi and Kakashi Hatake, with the teachers wearing special markers on their chest that if hit would eliminate the wearer. In the anime, Naruto leads Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi on a survival exercise. Wasabi voiced her concern about Konohamaru contracting the same cursed seal through his injuries, but Tosaka explained he analysed it and concluded Jūgo's cursed seal and the birds' are different. Later, when Remon awoke, she indeed forgot her entire identity. !覚えとけ コレェ!! His request however was denied as he was too emotional on the matter. When Naruto shows no restraint towards him and freely hits him, Konohamaru becomes impressed by him and declares Naruto to be both his rival and role model, variously calling him "boss" (オヤブン, oyabun) and "big brother" (兄ちゃん, Nīchan). Along the way, Mitsuki became ill and his body was taking on the same properties as Anato. Ultimately, accepting Mitsuki's actions not treacherous and beneficial to Iwagakure, it was decided to pardon him, but with the punishment of revoking his shinobi status. He was then approached by Mitsuki. Ultimately, Konohamaru and the rest of the world were freed from the genjutsu by Naruto and Sasuke, after they ended the war. This is not dragon ball z. You are underestimating Sage Mode here. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation Main article: Twelve Guardian Ninja In the anime, wondering who was training in the forest, Konohamaru arrived in time to catch Sarada from collapsing. Upon arriving at the blimp on the Land of Fire's border, he discovers that inside contains a container that was recently opened. Just like Naruto, Konohamaru initially relied on using a shadow-clone to create this Jutsu, although, over the years, his control over it has refined to the point where he doesn't need to rely on one anymore. Because that was one of the weakest Pain and Konohamaru tricked him. Mugino brought them to Yubina, a former medical-nin. He strives to one day become Hokage after his idol, Naruto Uzumaki. Indeed, naruto himself already shows us this in the sanin deadlock. They exchanged pleasantries with Victor, but tensions rose when the conversation turned to the Hashirama Cell. The Naraka Path ultimately retreats and the village is shortly afterwards destroyed by Pain. Naruto Uzumaki's son and the protagonist of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series, Boruto Uzumaki is hailed as a prodigious shinobi. Konohamaru's Part I clothing consists of grey shorts and a yellow shirt with a red Konoha symbol printed on it. After the man collapsed Konohamaru reluctantly injected the antibodies Yubina acquired from Mitsuki to heal the man. As they tried to correct him, Garō made his presence known, announcing his intentions of recovering Kawaki.

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