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To prevent identities from being revealed in the event of a leak or hack, all documents (except the contract) only list participants' costume names. Moderator der US-Ausgabe, die wie die deutsche Version ebenfalls von Endemol produziert wird, ist Nick Cannon. [153][186] Rachel Desantis of the New York Daily News thought all except Jeong were unfunny;[132] Miles Surrey of The Ringer disagreed, stating Jeong was annoying. [87] During this time, they are allowed to cool down in one of the air-conditioned rooms backstage. [58] Before filming occurs, Toybina conducts creative meetings with "every single department" of the show to discuss how to perfect the costumes' looks on camera. [37] Notes are also written as a form of communication. [168], The costume designs have received praise for being inventive,[169] intricate,[19] and impressive,[170] while opinions of the performances have differed. Everyone involved signs a non-disclosure agreement which prevents them from disclosing information about the show until its broadcast. Dort scheidet der Teilnehmer mit den insgesamt wenigsten Stimmen aus und muss seine Maske abnehmen, während die anderen wie die Gewinner auch erneut teilnehmen. April bis zum 13. [145][146] It concluded the 2019–20 Canadian television season as the eighth most-watched series overall. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 2. The microphone will include a voice-changing feature and be sold at retail later in the year. Following a phone call from his legal department, Wade sought Ellen producers' collaboration in transforming the segment into a television series. Des personnalités sont invitées à rejoindre le jury sur certains épisodes. September bis zum 18. The contestants of this season are said to have a combined net worth over $398 million, 46 Grammy nominations, 23 platinum records, 10 Hall of Fame appearances, one Olympic gold medalist, collectively sold over 281 million records, appeared in over 5,475 episodes of television and 151 films, five Super Bowl appearances, four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, three world records, one Time 100 honor, and one Oscar nominee in a major category. [4], On September 24, 2020, TV5 hinted a new show with a mysterious mask. Cette saison voit l'introduction d'un double personnage, c'est-à-dire, deux célébrités qui performeront en duo et seront éliminés ensemble. I found out that it was a hit format in Korea, it was a hit show in Thailand. Rourke, after completing his performance in costume and while being interviewed by Cannon, complained about how hot it was in the costume and proceeded to unmask himself before the judges could vote, eliminating himself from the competition. Die dritte Staffel wurde vom 2. [2][92] Brian Austin Green, who placed 14th in the fourth season as "Giraffe", described the show's eliminations as "random and ... about whether people want to see a character more or not". Baby Alien is a masked celebrity on the fourth US season of The Masked Singer. [48][60], After handpicking which fabrics and materials to use based on celebrities' mobility and performing abilities,[56] Toybina collaborates with manufacturers and a team of about 15 people to custom-make each costume. In der vierten Staffel bestand das Publikum aufgrund der COVID-19-Pandemie aus virtuellen Zuschauern, die von zuhause aus abstimmten.[9]. [151] Writing for NBC News' Think, Ani Bundel thought the series has an advantage over Dancing with the Stars and The Voice because voting bias is less likely when competitors are unknown. Bei diesen handelte es sich unter anderem um Juroren, ehemalige Teilnehmer und den Verlierer der besprochenen Folge. The Masked Singer ist eine US-amerikanische Musikshow, in der Prominente maskiert in Ganzkörperkostümen singen. In recognition of the show's costume design, Toybina won a Costume Designers Guild Award and a Creative Arts Emmy Award. Sie beschrieb die Atmosphäre der Sendung mit den Worten „Es ist so, als würde Gritty (Maskottchen der Philadelphia Flyers) auf einer professionellen Bühne Stay With Me von Sam Smith trällern, von Jenny McCarthy als Profi bezeichnet werden und sich anschließend als Joey Fatone zu erkennen geben“, wobei das Konzept nicht weit von Black Mirror entfernt wäre. [128][129] Excluding post-NFL game debuts, the program's premiere was the highest-rated for an unscripted television series in the country since The X Factor in 2011. The clue package plays on the large screen in the studio, and the celebrity enters and performs with at least one background singer accompanying them offstage. [181] With both traditional Hollywood celebrities and reality show stars participating, some indicated that the hierarchies of fame are no longer as defined as they once were. In jeder Show treten in Ganzkörperkostümen Prominente wie Sänger, Schauspieler oder Sportler mit einem selbst ausgewählten Lied in einem Gesangswettstreit gegeneinander an. [12] Following the creation of a showreel, he pitched the series to several outlets, all of whom rejected the idea. [2] Costumes are sanitized between tapings and repaired if needed as there are no backups. [12] On August 2, 2018, Fox ordered the series and released a trailer. Two spin-offs—an aftershow and an upcoming dance version—have followed as a result. Mai 2020 wurde nach jeder Folge The Masked Singer: After the Mask ausgestrahlt, eine Begleitsendung, in der Cannon bei sich zuhause die vorherige Episode mit mehreren prominenten Gästen per Videoschalte diskutierte. Pour la saison 2, à cause des mesures prises pour contrer la crise du coronavirus, Lindsay Lohan ne peut être de retour dans le jury, elle est remplacée par la comédienne Urzila Carlson. Auch wird die Sendung nicht live ausgestrahlt, sondern aufgezeichnet. [194] During the COVID-19 pandemic in North America, students and teachers at numerous middle schools in the United States and Canada participated in Masked Singer-inspired contests to maintain friendly relationships remotely. The front is X-shaped and features an LED interior (allowing for video to be played) enclosed with smoked, tinted glass, while the back is made of shiny black laminate and contains space for trap doors and special effects underneath. [15][31][87] They wear in-ear monitors[43] and may use a headset inside of their mask to sing instead of a handheld microphone, opting to use one only as a prop on stage. [42] The production crew is discouraged from using their phones during filming[37] and the studio audience walks through a metal detector and has their phones placed in a Yondr magnetic pouch before entering the set. À la suite de l'épidémie de coronavirus, le chanteur Angelo Kelly, déguisé en cafard, décide d'abandonner la compétition en semaine 3. [55][57] Their reason for choosing a costume can differ; some have an emotional connection[37][59] while others want to move around freely during performances. Die vier Juroren seien unausgeglichen, da jeder von ihnen vergeblich versuche, mit „Cowell-ähnlichen“ Bemerkungen herauszustechen. Mask Singer est une franchise internationale de jeux télévisés. [16] Plestis then met with Fox executive Rob Wade who "responded right away" to the concept and considered its uniqueness among celebrity singing competitions a strength. The Masked Singer wird in den Vereinigten Staaten seit dem 2. [252][253] On Spotify, Fox's account hosts public "Masked Music" playlists which include songs performed outside the show by participants available on the platform. Like The Masked Singer's format, celebrity contestants will wear head-to-toe costumes and face masks that conceal their identities, but will perform alongside a "masked partner" in different dance styles. September desselben Jahres anlief. En fonction des pays, le format peut avoir des règles différentes. [2] Following the third season, Rudzinski said while an entire season would unlikely be aired live as "being able to edit helps us tell [a] story", a live broadcast remains possible. [66][68], According to designer James Pearse Connelly, the set is based on the Thai version of the show and was inspired by the stage designs of electronic dance music festivals. [225] Subsequent episodes continued to retain about half of The Masked Singer's viewers, which is considered above average for an aftershow. Shortly thereafter, the panelists arrive, and the host introduces the first contestant. 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