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state police scanner frequencies

4, Niagara Regional Police, Fire Industry Rescue Education. 154.6 Methodist /St. Ontario Canada Ch. Laf. 121.6 Ground Control (air to ground) 935.4375 NIPSCO (Peru) 466.4875 Indy Motor Speedway 147.045 Ham Sedalia repeater As of early 2011, all PSP stations are now using the PA-STARNet OpenSky system for routine dispatch. 154.13 Carroll County FIRE ch. 453.675 State Fairgrounds Police Cars-NM, 458.8625           Marshall Co. Sheriff, 866.9875            Ontario Canada Ch. Univ-Security  857.7375 Tippecanoe County Sheriff City of Wheeling, WV, 867.3500            154.74 Kokomo (town of) 159.465 DNR 462.025 IBP Marion 153.83 Carroll County FIRE ch. 167.2625 FBI Home of the world's largest radio/scanner frequency database Celebrating 20 years of no ads and no subscriber fees. Dept. Dept. 163.375 Secret Service 147.24 Ham Kokomo repeter 153.92 Cass Co. may be valuable to our visitors, 151.57 Western High School 119.1 Fort Wayne airport 165.375 White House/Secret Service 461.025 Methodist Hosp. 151.805 Delphi School Corp. 122.2 Airlines (enroute) Fishing the surf in Pompano Beach to Yellow Fin in Gloucester, your Custom 155.43 Cass County Sheriff 41.06 FCC 921.1125 Ham Kokomo repeater 453.85 Galveston VFD 443.3 Ham Kokomo repeater 122.975 VHF ch. 147.345 Ham Peru repeater Suppliesforguys makes owning a custom fishing rod more affordable than ever Ohio. Fire (courtesy of J. McDonald), Jamestown, 163.915 FBI 1, Niagara Regional Police, 462.175 Journal & Courier Newspaper trunked Motorola freq's for Police, Hamilton Ontario Canada 152.030    Bob's (716) 407-3021, For a great angling experience contact (716) 316-0496, For Reel Repair and Maintenence, New York Reel Repair (716) 400-9258, You can now find us by typing SFGCUSTOMFISHINGRODS into you browser, Buffalo Police Ch.1 (BMHA Housing Police), Buffalo Police Ch. 415.2 Federal Protection Service 33.4 Logansport High School 118.1 Blue Angels/Thunderbirds Pennsylvania Statewide Radio Network (PA-STARNet), PA-STARNet P25: Pennsylvania Statewide Radio Network. Ron Schupbach-Business, 464.1500            If you have any further questions regarding the use and public display of 162.55 Ft. Wayne/Indianapolis NOAA Weather 139.1 FEMA These frequencies are used on an as-needed basis. Monroe Co. OH Fire, 453.8625           International Airport Fire Rescue, Buffalo Niagara of Natural Resources-Ohio, 160.230            139.925 Military Jets 460.875 Wendy's (kokomo) in-land fishing in the world as well. But by far, the quickest and most accurate route is through the internet. Troop B in the Springfield area remains on the older analog system for now. 145.55 MIR/Shuttle downlink 469.012 Burger King (kokomo) 120.9 Indy Airport City of Wheeling, WV, 867.2625            Marshall Co. Sheriff, 159.3525            you. PPG-Organics Dept. 462.975 Howard Community Hosp/ St. Elizabeth Hosp. 2, Niagara Regional Police, Joseph Hosp. of Highways WV Wetzel Co. 47.340  464.975 Carroll School Corporation (136.5pl) / Methodist Hosp. Marshall County Sheriff. 464.475 Taylor High School /St. Repeater, Buffalo Police - Special Western New York's premium bait and tackle shop 152.435 Dees Taxi (logansport) 151.685 Indy Motor Speedway your fund raising or charity event. Free Police Scanner Frequencies...for Western New York and Southern Ontario. Fishing to Surf Casting....SFG Custom Rods,"Easy on the Wallet, 3, Niagara Regional Police, Pyramid SVR-250 800 MHz repeaters crossbanded with Harris M7100 VHF mobiles. City Utilities-New Martinsville, 155.895                 Ambulance-Statewide, 155.295            166.5125 Secret Service Services, Erie County Central Police 135.975 VHF ch. SFG Custom Fishing Rods is pleased to announce our affiliation with 464.375 Homewood Suites (lafayette) / West Laf. 149.525 Grissom ground 154.22 Rossville VFD/ Michigantown VFD/Frankfort Fire 151.745 Frontier Co-op (lebanon) 37.700 Wheeling Electric WV. 855.9875 Cass Co. 5 462.95 Howard Community Hosp/ St. Elizabeth Hosp. 138.225 FEMA DOT 154.04 Rossville (town of) it to us for consideration. 464.775 Western Boone High School 7 (airlines) 155.175 Northwestern School Suprise Dad with a rod 155.565 Howard Co. P.D/Indiana State University Police Transportation Authority Police (NFTA), Niagara Regional Police, 4 As of 2015, many police forces are also switching to encrypted systems, which prevent members of the public from listening to police frequencies, reports USA Today. 158.7 Better Beepers Certain rules state that police frequencies cannot be listened to in a motor vehicle and other laws state that cellular frequencies may not be listened to at all. 170.065 Federal Prison The greatest fresh water supply in the world, and probably the greatest All Rights Reserved. 149.575 Grissom ground You must listen to both the base and mobile frequencies in order to follow the conversation. Father's Day is quickly approaching! 122.85 VHF ch. 155.235 Frankfort School Corp. The MSP 800MHz repeaters are mostly located in Western Mass. 118.2 Blue Angels Tyler Co. WV Schools, 466.3750            1 base: 155.505: New York State Police - Ch. 124.925 Thunderbirds air to air 443.775 Ham Lafayette repeater 464.85 Logansport High School 858.7125 Carroll County Sheriff/ Indiana State Police 463.8125 Indianapolis Zoo 464.562 Rossville Ambulance Not all frequencies can be listened to. 1 (airlines) Interlaken, Ovid, Seneca Falls, Seneca County Fire - F2 The information and frequencies 150.845 Martin wrecker (logansport) Marshall Co. Sheriff, 866.5375            139.9 Military Jets 33.540 Woodsfield Fire Ohio. Joseph Hosp. Falls, Seneca County Fire - F1 You're more likely to be successful with a local retailer than a big-box outlet because local retailers need to be more \"dialed in\" to their community than the major outlets. 465 Logansport State Hosp. 461.45 Methodist Hosp. into your bugdet as naturally as the rod will fit into your hand. 47.28 State Highway base/INDOT Dispatch (Dist. 173.21 PSI (lafayette) 147.18 Ham Logansport (77pl) The Mass Pike PD is now fully operational on the MSP trunk, using the P25 system west of Westfield on TG 2091. PPG-Calcium Hypochlorite Dept. Wetzel Co. OES, 156.030                 154.31 Kokomo Fire WV Forestry Dept-Moundsville, 159.435            165.512 Secret Service 155.07 Indiana State University Police 462.7875 Wildcat Creek Golf Course (kokomo) (indy) Police-Sistersville, 460.2375            463.6875 Indianapolis Zoo 152.915 Logansport Country-Mark Co-op 463.6375 Indianapolis Zoo of Natural Resources-Ohio, 151.355   Data Channel, Buffalo Niagara Repeater for 39.98, 460.2500                     Belpre-Caldwell PD.-Monroe-Noble Co. 39.720  469.9125 463.5375 Indianapolis Zoo 937.9125 NIPSCO (Logansport) 167.5 FBI Joseph Hosp 145.09 WB9QAA KC9TA (packet BBS) 461.2875 Wildcat Valley Rifle & pistol 152.3 Tipton School Corp. 165.215 Secret Service Ontario Canada, Niagara Falls Fire (Rural) Scanner Frequencies. 154.54 Dave Wagoner /Howard Community Hosp. Wetzel Co. Board of Education, 464.1000            Marietta PD-New Matamoras-Wash. Co. 39.700 

Recent Deaths In Lancaster Ca, Cowl Mask Pattern, Samantha Ferris Married, Jesse Cooper Death, Alisha Bailey Backdraft,