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waylander double crossbow

Why do the wicked reap such rich rewards? Mortally wounded during these events, he was prevented from dying by magical means for some short period of time before being sent through a portal to another world and another time, where he arrived at the farm of that world's Dakeyras just in time to prevent the murder of his family. Also in the bandit camp (tied to a tree) was a Source priest named Dardalion, prisoner of the bandits. Specially made to his exacting requirements and standards in the land of Ventria, the bow was small, pistol-gripped and double-winged, allowing two bolts to be fired in quick succession. ‘You stole my horse,’ he said quietly. ‘How dare you! Once researched, it makes Ballista Elephants and Scorpions fire two projectiles instead of just one. The newcomer loosened the thong which held his cloak, allowing it to fall to the ground behind him. A black bolt tore into the chest of the nearest man, a second entered the belly of a burly warrior with upraised sword. Waylander rolled to his back and opened his eyes, staring out beyond the stars. ‘An interesting weapon,’ observed Dardalion. What did you mean?’. Double Crossbow is a technology in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas that is unique to the Khmer and can be researched at the Castle once the Imperial Age is reached. ‘Do your wounds trouble you?’ he asked. . The Drenai saga is a series of Heroic Fantasy novels by David Gemmell. In Vagria I am merely the Axeman. Nor have I eaten meat these last five years. It is just that were I to be with you, it would put you in danger.’, ‘That’s very thoughtful of you,’ answered the man. He walked to the horses, finnding that his own mount and saddlebags were as he had left them. ‘Yes, made for me in Ventria. Civilization ‘I fear everything, priest – everything that walks, crawls or flies. explosive-tipped, armor-piercing quarrels, that really want to obtain the secret of its manufacture, on a spaceship before they even invent firearms. What will you do now?’, ‘I shall find others of my order and return to my duties.’, ‘It makes no sense to me,’ said Waylander, ‘but then life itself makes no sense. Without a backward glance he strode to the horses. ‘I did not wish to sound ungrateful and I thank you most sincerely for your help. ‘As you wish, then.’. Who the hell are you? ‘Gods, it always looks ridiculous when a young man assumes a pompous expression! ‘Are you being followed?’ asked Dardalion. Original ‘That pleases me,’ said the warrior, pillowing his head on his saddle and closing his eyes. It's an iconic weapon in a series of books written by David Gemmell. https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Double_Crossbow?oldid=273092. Dardalion said nothing. He picked up his crossbow and checked the mechanism for dirt before clipping it to his broad black belt. Reloads were kept in a small quiver attached to one side of Waylander's belt; the crossbow itself was hung on the other side when not in use. The man shook his head. Rise of the Rajas Khmer This style of crossbow was popular in Northern England and Southern Scotland around 1600 and was reputedly used by Border Reivers as a self defence weapon. Most of that family were not normal humans. The man’s eyes were narrowed in concentration, but the priest noted that they were extraordinarily dark, deep sable-brown with flashing gold flecks. From twin sheaths he produced two black-bladed knives. ", Waylander dying as he looks up at the son he finally managed to save with "a look of utter contentment". Then he recovered his three knives, wiping them clean on the clothes of the dead. This is no fun, as you still want said automatic weapon. his plan to use Waylander as a human sacrifice backfires and a demon arrives to claim HIM, One can imagine Nosta probably needed a change of clothes after it was all said and done. But the memories they carry may be no less painful for you,’ he said, tossing the clothes before Dardalion. Successfully completing the contract, he was betrayed by his employer in the aftermath and forced to go on the run. As he touched the garment he felt no evil, only a wave of emotional pain that transcended anguish. Waylander laughed. In myself. rape, murder, foulness indescribable. After another period of relative inaction, Waylander became embroiled in large-scale mystical events, helping prevent an invasion of the land by daemons and putting a stop to the diabolical plans of a sorceror. By clicking Subscribe Now, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Hachette Book Group’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. One of his attackers was dead and a second knelt clutching the bolt in his belly. . It takes no courage to die. The priest writhed but made no sound. In Ventria they call me Druss the Sender. White Lotus, Bangkok. [2] Considered somewhat handsome, Waylander's usual thin-lipped expression and piercing gaze did not do him any extra favours in that regard. You currently have javascript disabled. The repeating crossbow, which can fire 5 bolts before needing a reload. ‘I can’t see a damned thing!’. The warrior leaned forward on the pommel of his saddle. Beneath his cloak the warrior wore a chainmail shoulder-guard over a leather vest which bore many gashes and dents and carefully repaired tears. My first character's name is Druss and the Drenai Saga are my favorite fantasy books. Effect ‘Is that all?’ asked the warrior. Weakness flowed through him and he slumped to the ground . He had been badly beaten and his chest had been repeatedly cut; the flesh hung in narrow strips and his blue robes were stained with blood. Compare with Multishot when one gets similar results with a regular bow. Damn, I really hate that DLC  , I just wanna simple mod to all gamers, Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Nexus Mods, Druss the Legend is a great character, with another great weapon. Dardalion nodded and added two sticks to the fire. Following a meal of cold meat – which Dardalion refused – and some dried apples, Waylander looked to his weapons. In David Gemmell's Drenai novels, the anti-heroic assassin Waylander the Slayer used a weapon normally referred to as a "double crossbow" — effectively two small crossbows stuck one on top of the other, allowing two shots without reloading. Initially intending to leave the priest to his fate, Waylander changed his mind - a pivotal decision in his life - and freed Dardalion instead. Ranulf's handy piece of villain-slaying hardware in 1980's camp sword and sorcery classic, Captain Navarre (played by Rutger Hauer) in the movie, A historically accurate model is seen in use by Sun Quan's army in, The vampire soldiers use three-stringed crossbows in, The issue with the Piecemaker is that it doesn't. ‘I cannot wear these clothes.’, ‘There are no lice, and I have scraped away most of the blood.’, ‘They carry memories, Waylander . This particular weapon was demonstrated in real life on, The same guy in the first example above also built an auto crossbow capable of. ‘An interesting weapon,’ observed Dardalion. The warrior was unshaven, and the beard around his chin was speckled with grey. Dakeyras, more commonly known as Waylander. They had begun to torture the priest when the stranger stepped from the shadows of the trees. If it is the latter, the use of magically justified Bottomless Magazines might make the Automatic Crossbow even more powerful. the earth was soft as a feather-bed and sweet-smelling like lavender. It's available less than an hour into the game, and remains useful for a long time. ‘You can have the horse,’ he said, biting his lip and backing towards the trees. ‘I was wondering why you burned my robes,’ said Dardalion, suddenly aware that the question had been nagging at him throughout the long day.

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