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working at amazon fulfillment center reddit

It pains me to even say this publicly, but countless times I've thought about committing suicide at the Amazon warehouse facility, there's 3 floors to an Amazon warehouse, and when I was on the third floor, I would sometimes look over the rails and imagine the different ways I could end my life. I used to work at an Amazon warehouse . Why was I being given an hour break for doing a job that's not hard at all? Holla! Sounds like the perfect recipe for a lawsuit. I worked at one of the largest The Home Depot stocking distribution centers in the country (1.3 mil-sq-ft). He comes around to each person every so often to make sure we are all hydrated and that we are doing everything safely. Really crazy when you work your ass off somewhere and your let go mid shift for something like that with the wrong information about what actually was hit. r/FASCAmazon: Community for Amazon employees across the network. Pay was pretty crap ($1 above minimum wage). It is extremely physically demanding being an order picker, given the products sold. Third issue is the physical stress this puts on your body. The hr person created a appeal case because the sign I hit was not a pedestrian sign, it was by a speed bump and i hit it in my blind spot. Now, Amazon likes to give the public the bullshit line of "Come take a tour of our facility" any time the terrible working conditions are mentioned and put on the news. On Tuesday I’ll be learning about where I’ll be placed! I have coworkers that are too cold to work in anything less than a hoodie but if i wear jeans or a long sleeve shirt while it's snowing outside I'm gonna be nauseated by the heat as I'm working. There's no windows, there's no air conditioning, you just have fans in every couple isles or so, fans that do no good because it's so hot in the building, the fans are blowing hot air on you. If you are a pallet picker, 20 pallets pet hour. take a week off. Crossposted by 1 month ago. Clearly put, it is modern day slavery that is made legal due to "grey areas". I have worked at 3 different Amazon centers, and I always thought I was paid very fairly for the type of work I was performing. Its your normal hourly rate plus 40%. This was a little bit before Target's "Modernization" and basically the elimination of our job titles. So all in all, in reality, your lunch break at an Amazon warehouse, is truthfully about 20 minutes, if you're lucky. I know the employees who filed a lawsuit for having to wait for a security check on their own time at the end of their shift lost. Also working at the Amazon fulfillment center I worked it, it wasn't back breaking or heavy lifting. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Part time shouldn't be too bad but as a full time picker I can tell you it blows. I note you said part time - right off the bat i know you aren't eligible for some of the compensation/benefits. Welcome. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But consider work problems fixable or improve-able and you'll be ahead of the "that's impossible" people. Learn about culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. I work at a target warehouse and my experience is that my manager really cares about our health. This job can and will take a toll on your health and well being. Second issue I have is lunch breaks, and this is where my experience working from home with Amazon comes into play. If you are not in shape, or in general not used to walking then simply dont apply. Less than a year later and I'm annoying at myself if I'm under 90 an hour. December I made about 2100€ after taxes. All a tour of the warehouse is going to do is show everyone that it's your typical every day warehouse. Basically, if you wanted to go to the bathroom, you had to worry about getting written up due to your rate going down because depending on where you are in the building (Amazon is a MASSIVE building, with a ton of security measures) it could take you anywhere from 5-10 minutes just to get to a bathroom, then when you get there there's still the matter of you actually using the restroom, then the time it takes you to get back to the area where you work, so lets say best case scenario it takes you 5 minutes to get to a bathroom, 1-2 minutes to use the restroom, then another 5 minutes to get back to the area you were before the bathroom break, you're down 12 minutes of productivity time now which dramatically affects your rate, and if your rate falls below a certain number (this number is picked by each warehouse, so the number is different for each, but for mine it was 120) so if you went below 120 at my warehouse, it was an automatic write up without the chance to explain why you went below, it's basically a zero tolerance policy on your rate. The work is simple and, while it's more physically demanding than like office work, I don't find it to be much more strenuous that what I did while working in a grocery store, and I make almost twice as much hourly as well as having good benefits and 401k. This is my second time applying. A tour doesn't show how employee's are treated, it doesn't show the ridiculous rates and quotas that employee's are expected to meet on an hourly basis, it doesn't show how a lunch break session begins and ends, it doesn't show any of the important things that could get the warehouses shut down or at the very least force them to make changes. Around a month ago, I read one of the weekly flyers that my location posts on the inside of the restroom stall doors and saw a little notice about Mechatronics and Robotics Apprenticeship opportunity. Imagine having to build a pallet with orders that contain a combination of these awkwardly-sized and heavy items; a pallet such that it will fit most efficiently in the outbound truck; a pallet like this while trying to meet your hourly pick quota. People with my position with fitness trackers estimate that pickers do up to a half marathon a shift on average - so some days are longer! The back pain that came with this job was grueling, not to mention the number it does on your feet? Said Target was a paradise compared to Amazon. I only worked there for christmas season 2018 (peak-time) in germany. The rate numbers sound shocking but are not as impressive as all that. I worked at an Ikea Warehouse. I just got a part time job there. r/Jobs is not for job listings. R2. Funny thing is they fixed the sign and the next day someone else also hit it. What kind of warehouse? ( could have made around 2k, if I would have put in 1 hour of OT every day but always was too late to apply for OT ), OT is where you make the money at amazon. If it came down to it, I would honestly go homeless first than to go back to working at an Amazon Warehouse. Just a lot of cardio. You get two 15 minute breaks and a 30 min lunch and the break time is counted from when you last scanned an item, So a lot of the time you would have 5 minutes of walking time to and from the break room and only 5 minutes of actually sitting. save. You'll leave, either they will fire you or you'll get sick and leave. Hell they don't even acknowledge you unless it's to tell you about your rate. Posts Discord. You are just a replaceable worker drone to management, no one cares. Amazon says the bulk of the jobs that need to be filled … card. Hopefully it wouldn't be too tough for me. One tip- Amazon warehouse does zero sitting jobs. If you don't mention what kind of facility (sortation, fresh, or a fulfillment with robotics) I can't even begin to think what parts of my day are or aren't applicable to you. Thank you! The conditions are physically demanding, but you know what? I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. If you are an order picker, you have to pick 60 items per hour to meet your quota. About three weeks. Then you still have to eat the food, and if the food is piping hot since it was just cooked, you'll likely have to wait for that to cool down. No, but there were people that would stop what they were doing to piss in a bottle. Etc etc. Although there are some fulfillment centers made just for large items like beds, fridges, etc. I had good pay, good benefits, recognition, training, safety, and there were paths for climbing the ladder. Fulfillment Centers, Sort Centers, Delivery Stations, etc. It was more than worth it to me. Thank you for the feedback! At the warehouse with Amazon you get a 30 minute break, whereas working from home with Amazon, in the luxury of your own bedroom, doing nothing but taking calls all day, and no physical work what so ever, you get an hour break. When you leave or are let go (I haven't read the full thing) they will NEVER FUCKING EVER tell you that you can collect your benefits. It is constant walking on a hard concrete floor for 10-12 hours, your feet start killing you after about 2-3 hours I would be limping for half the day it was so bad. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. What kind of job? I would literally come home from work and do nothing but flop on the bed and just lay there. Put your legs up when you go to sleep and you are as good as new the next day. It is so large that lanes in the warehouse are named & mapped after area freeways. What Kinds of Jobs Are Available Right Now? Not too bad. Use normal streetwear shoes and you are gonna have issues. It varies by facility. I run about 50 miles per week and have logged 6 marathons, so I think I can handle it. One thing I would like to tell u/Kaynetal is to know this thing : Those pieces of shit in human form available in the higher ranks of Amazon don't want you to collect your benefits. Lastly, for lunch breaks, you have to clock back in from your lunch, then go back to where you were before you went on your lunch break, and do your last "scan" so since we went to lunch at 12 in this scenario, as a picker, we have to have our first item scanned at 12:30, so if you're supposed come back from lunch and be at the opposite end of the building from the entrance, that can take an easy 5 minutes to get there so that already shaves 5 minutes off of your lunch, and having your first item scanned at 12:31 means you're late from lunch, even if you are clocked in, and that results in a verbal warning for your first offense, and any time after that is a write up and can lead to termination. Short list is generally go up a shoe size, go up a width (running shoes have a range of widths), learn "lace lock" from YouTube to keep the larger shoes steady. 137. Top. In my facility, you can expect to work roughly from 6 in the morning til 5 in the evening, or 6 in the evening til 5 in the morning. Because I optimized. New. Verified ️ /r/FASC... 1. Never heard of anything like this. Then, once you clock out for your lunch break, you have to go through security, which can take anywhere from 2-10 minutes, depending on how long the line is, how many security lines are open, and whether or not someones being searched because something went off which in turn makes you take longer to go outside and enjoy your lunch. save. Which by the way, correct me if I'm wrong, but according to OSHA, it is unlawful for any work environment to be above 76 degrees Fahrenheit, according to OSHA, your work place environments temperature must be between 68 and 76 degrees and I guarantee you without a doubt that each and every warehouse for Amazon is hotter than 76. Extreme climate swings in summer and winter (southern California).

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